The Nail Polish Bar

What IS The Nail Polish Bar?


The Nail Polish Bar (tm) is an exclusive series of events held on a monthly basis in our  shop in Erie, PA. We not only host public parties, but we're available for private parties as well for customers that are looking for something fun to do with their own friends, family, or coworkers.

At each Nail Polish Bar event, guests will:

- Hear about how we got started making nail polish

- Learn about the basic ingredients and the importance of ours being 5-FREE

- Watch mixing demonstrations

- Be guided through the process of mixing their very own colors and naming them

- Enjoy complimentary refreshments

- Bring home a custom polish made during the demonstration, a quick dry top coat, two (2) bottles of their own custom mixed polishes, and more.

What is 5-Free?

Our nail polish is 5-Free, which means it does not contain the top 5 most harmful chemicals found in most nail polish.  There is no:

- Formaldehyde

- Formaldehyde Resin

- Camphor

- Toluene


Upcoming Events


Testimonials / Reviews


"For Christmas this year, my sisters and I decided to go out and *do* something together instead of buying each other gifts.  Last night, we went and made our own nail polish with The Elusive Fox Boutique! To say it was awesome is an understatement--Rachel really took the time to show us the process, help us pick what colors/glitter/flakes we wanted and make sure we ended up with products we love.  If you're looking for a fun night out with friends/family, we would highly recommend!"

"I went to the nail polish bar and had a great time. The shop also has great unique treasures. You will not be disappointed when you stop in."

"So! Much! Fun! Can’t wait to see you next month!!!!"

"I made some awesome nail polish today and had a blast doing it! You should totally check out The Elusive Fox Boutique and go to the next nail polish bar!"

"Such a fun class!!!!"

"Our group had a fantastic time last night with Rachel and Christine. I loved learning about nail lacquer and how it’s made. Super laid back and so many options. I would love to do this again:)"

"If I could pick one thing to do on any night of the week, this is it! I can literally barely contain how excited I was! The possibilities are endless and I made the most amazing colors! This was my third party and I feel the same way every single time. Just do it! I prime you won’t be disappointed!"

"I could barely wait through the “how to” it was so awesome. Loved it!"

"Get your gal pals together and go do this! Rachel is a fantastic hostess. I had such a great time and I’ll definitely be getting another group together to do this again soon."